Wednesday, December 15, 2010

JJ is right ...

JJ is absolutely right! It does become too long in between blog posts when things get crazy here!

We are settled in, still tons of things to do but we will get there! We have most of the basement finished so the boys each have their own rooms now. They are LOVING it!!

Emily is going to be in the Disney parade... I cant even believe that!! The Star Dance Twirlers which she is in will be marching with Twirl Mania!! How exciting is that!!

Yesterday I spread some Christmas cheer and that really got me in the mood for Christmas! I am hoping today to spread some more ! The kids want to wrap some presents and prepare some things... so thats on the list today! FUN FUN!!

This morning I woke to a smoke filled house. I was afraid it was on fire... the stove was putting smoke back in the house.. I guess it was plugged or something. I was standing in the kitchen with a knit hat on, hoody with the hood up! Looked cute I am sure!! LOL

We have TONS AND TONS of new products arriving in the LCOM store today!!! Cannot wait!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!