Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pack, pack, packing....

I am tired of packing!!! Uggghhhh.... it truly seems the more that I pack the more stuff there is to pack. Now how can that be? I did find out that I possibly have too many shoes!!! But now really the same question...how can that be??

What else did we find??? We found out that you should not lean over your chair too far....or this happens....
We found out that you should NOT hold a small remote control car on your hair and make it run at the same time.....sigh.....he really keeps me on my toes!!!

Emily, Austin, and I have been packing, lots of packing. I have a huge pile of stuff to go! I am telling you this is the bestest Spring cleaning EVER!!! Getting rid of the excess feels good! and warm croissants fresh from the oven are sooooo yummy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Found is my word of the day.... we found a new place to live......i found the NEW piggy tales book that I have been looking for about a month (Cindy it was NOT under my table leg hehe) I have found about 20 punches that I don't need....I have found that Roger has no patience for Christmas tree lights.....I have found that I have 30 wine glasses yet we drink zero wine??? ... I have found a buyer for Simon's bed..... I have found that a five year old will retain information you do not wish him to retain but will forget that he needs to wear a hat outside....let me tell you something..... Roger and I are laying on the couch....Simon comes out and gets all soft and cute....leans over and says...."Daddy??? Do you know why girls have boobs?? umm pretty much gasping for air, he asks Why Simon... (and I am in disbelief this is happening) --- Simon says SO you have something to LOOK at while you are talking to them" giggles and runs away. OKAY -- HE heard this on Family Guy apparently. AND RETAINED THE WHOLE DARN THING!!!!!!!!! SO the TV needs monitoring!!!!!!!!!FOUND is such a cool word of the day.

These are the punches that I have found to sell....this is FUN, I am finding all sorts of cool things!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stuff for sale...

Okay girlies....I am cleaning out my scraproom....and I mean CLEANING!!!!!!!!!! I have TONS of stuff that I am selling....I have sold some already....if you want to come and take a peek just send me an email or if you would like me to send you some pictures of things that I have for sale and I can start you a bag. My email is rntmunn@nb.sympatico.ca I have girls shopping through email now! LOL --- I have stamps, papers, stickers, paint, sizzix stuff, ribbon, you name it I have it!!!!

SOOO let me know!!!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Drying my hair....

OKAY laid in bed this morning... wondering what is happening with the house, their financing went through, the inspectors came through yesterday and all was good with that...but we still WAIT for their reply. Roger is beyond frustrated!

Today I worked out, did my treadmill, did school work, 7 loads of laundry, roast in the oven....decide OKAY time for a shower and to bath the little man....lucky me I run the bath for the little one, put him in and then I jump in the shower (we have a whirlpool tub and a full shower unit in our bathroom--- will i miss this YES) --- so I shower..get out and this is where the fun begins.. I start to dry my hair....hair dryer is going...Simon starts talking to me...hair dryer off...yes Simon..."can I have more water?" Yes Simon you can. Start hair dryer...he is talking again...hair dryer off...yes Simon..."Mommy do I have to wash myself with soap?" Yes Simon you do. Hair dryer back on.... he is talking again... "All over Mommy?" ...Yes Simon and I can't talk to you while I am drying my hair..."ok, Mommy"...start the hair dryer....screaming this time..."MOMMY MOMMY...aaaaaahhhh I have soap in my eye" come closer so i can put some water in your eye to wash it out..."hehe, I dont really have soap in my eye" deep sigh... I wash his face. Hair dryer back on...Emily"Mommy can I borrow your shave cream" yes Emily you can...hair dryer back on....back off...Emily, "Mommy, where is it?" Its on the tub. Hair dryer back on...back off, --- Austin, "Mommy I am going to get the mail"ok Austin. Hair dryer back on ...back off...DEEP SIGH...WHAT SIMON... " I want some hot water." Okay Simon you can have some hot water. (Dear Lord I am sure the water was cold.) Hair dryer back on... Austin come back in..Pupa is here...OKAY now I am standing with STILL WET hair in a towel and my father is now in my room TOO....talk to my father, he weighs himself, we talk......I need to dry my hair still...phone rings...its Janique from Paws...little man is still in tub.... father leaves...I FINISH drying my hair and call Janique back....tell J and she is laughing cuz she knows exactly what I am talking about! TOO FUNNY! And i sold my Hope Chest tonight !

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well I seem to be consistent with the time I am blogging....late at night!! Well today is the day we should find out for sure if the house is sold or NOT! I am tired of it being in limbo....so triple arm pump for us finding out today!

Today I decided it was time to clean the Hope Chest out.... I have a new rule...if we don't use it, its gone! No more stuff laying around. Do you see the little container on top of the chest? Well I downsized from the hope chest to that!!!!!! YES, I really did. I am very proud. I have decided that I am going to sell the Hope Chest so if anyone is interested make me an offer!!!!

Emily and Simon are on the mend, Simon actually ate one and half fish sticks today!! That is huge, he has hardly ate a thing for 3 days. Now we just have to get Austin feeling better too!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Well today could be the day ... do they get their financing or do they not?? They have until Tuesday at the latest....they asked for the extension. It being up in the air is even harder! Do we look for a place to rent...do we not??

The kids all have a cold...little Simon has been the worst so far :( poor little man. If he is not feeling better in the morning I am calling the doctor.

My basement looks like a bomb went off in it!!! Truly it does! Last night, and today and tonight I scrapped. It felt really good! I completed all the stuff for the DT (I will post it after the DT reveal on the 15th) I really had fun with it! and got some other layouts done as well. Roger and I went out for supper today too. We went to the Hilltop Pub. He had an 18oz ribeye and I had grilled chicken with cheese on it. It was very yummy!! and very nice to not cook! I didn't feel like any of that today.

Tomorrow is looking like a snowstorm, which means Roger will work all day then probably all night too :( It was nice having him around on the weekend.

Okay...I will keep you posted on the house sale! and tomorrow I hope to post up some mags that I have that I want to sell...and maybe some other items as well.
Hugs, T

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Creative Memories Pens.... Brandy New, never used... I have three packages.One is the basic fine tip (red, blue, green, purple), another one is round tip, bright and has brown, orange, pink, and purple. The other is basic round tip and has blue, red, green and black. They are 16.95 per package to buy new....make me an offer!


this is the ribbon that I have so far...I will have lots more...

50 cents each


here are three things that I am selling....one is a hat box, I placed a 12in ruler on the top so you could tell how big the box is :) --- and I have two sets of See-D stamps(Brand new) never used, One set is called Piece of Cake, and the other is called Fun in the Sun. I am asking $5.00 for each of the items. Anyone interested?

WHERE does all this stuff come from????

OKAY --- so we will know by Tuesday for sure if our house is sold. They are working on financing right now. Apparently they ran into a little glitch. Today we started rooting through some things....and you look at things a little differently knowing that .....hmmm... do I pack this to move or get rid of it?? Especially when we will be downsizing!

I have a ton of things that I am going to sell....I have sold some things already. I have a few gals asking ..."what are you selling?" Well Lady K suggested I post the things on my blog...so I think I will post a few things!

Cheers! T

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bad Blogger!!! Happy 2008!!

Seriously, where does the time go??? Christmas was a blast, the kiddos had us up nice and early at the crack of oooo around 5 am! LOL They were super excited to open presents and see what Santa left or "Christmas" as Simon calls him.

Roger worked most of the holidays plowing snow, WOWZERS, we sure got a ton of snow in a short amount of time. The last four nights he has been doing snow removal in the city. He asked me if I wanted to go with him, well YA!!! I was super excited, we were like teenagers again hehe .... I used to go trucking with him all the time, so we had fun! I am running on little less sleep than I am used to but hey its been fun!

The kids are fighting a cold/flu and Simon is laying on my lap right now here on the couch. He has had a fever all day :( poor little man!! Our house is up for sale, and we got an offer on it, and thought it was sold but now it seems to be up in the air....uggghhh!! So we wait!