Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Seriously!!! Where does the time go!! I have been getting some emails asking when I am going to update!! YES, its about time!

The weather this summer was not very cooperative for motorbikes! I guess that was good in a way as we didn't really have the time for it! Roger has been working 6 days a week, LONG hours! The kids and I spent the summer getting settled in our new home! Its small but we love it! AND there is no smell! YAY!

We are homeschooling again this year, grade 1, grade 8 and grade 10 YIKES! It takes up most of the day now. Simon is cursive writing, reading and doing addition and subtraction..woot Simon!

This is usually what our house looks like! Full of kids, the kids are in their glory and loving it!

Austin got contacts this summer and he is doing amazing!! He will NOT wear his glasses anymore, he is a changed man! He is so confident and its nice to see his eyes! They are gorgeous!

My handsome man!

Most days this is what we see!!

Could she be any dang cuter than this???

Sidewalk chalk....oh how many buckets did we go through this summer!! The kids were here in groups and the roads and driveway were full of their summer art!

The trampoline has always been a huge hit! I think they just about have this one worn out!
Simon drove me absolutely NUTS this summer with slugs, carrying them around YUCK!

Yuppers, still a lil heartbreaker!

Emily took up sewing this summer and she is a natural! She made this summer dress for herself! Emily is sooo beautiful, this is one of my fav hairstyles that she does!

Well that gives you a little bit of an update on us! and some pics of my beautiful kids!

Smiles, T