Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday already?

Truly, where does the weekend go???? It goes so quickly!!! This weekend we accomplished quite a few things!!! YEAH US!!! Well Mum's craft sale is over and was a huge success, and she was very pleased with the results, and was exhausted on Saturday night!!! Here are few pics of just a few and I mean a FEW of the goodies that they had there.

Mum also has sold 150 homemade apple pies this fall. Her pies are soooo YUMMY and completely the best pies EVER!!!
Roger and I spent the day shopping on Saturday and went out for lunch. We thought we had better get a start on the Christmas stuff. We finished most of the stuff up for the kids. It feels good to have that out of the way. The malls were insane!!!! Some places we would not even go into because the lines were too long. I of course can't tell you where we went as my little "eyes" read my blog!! haha....but it was nice to have some time with Roger.
Austin bugged me non stop about putting up Christmas decorations.... please, please Mom...can we?? He wanted so badly to put up the decorations and the tree. So on Sunday I decided that we would pull out some decorations and put some up. Well with this brings a mess of course....and I thought why do this more than once???? why make more work for yourself??? SOOO we put up the decorations and the trees. I have one in the entry and its all decorated but the one in the living room only has lights. We will put the decorations on later this week....that is no big deal and not that big of a mess. I really enjoy spending the time doing this with the children as we always share memories and remember who gave us the ornaments :) they love it too. The kids and I put the tree up ourselves....while bahumbug was in the garage doing some body work to his truck. We asked him to put the lights on the tree when he came in....GRUMBLE GRUMBLE GRUMBLE....he is SOOOO bahumbug!!!! He had promised to put the lights up outside this weekend but we had to make a choice between the tree lights or the outside lights because he wouldn't do both! lol ---- well i put a Santa hat on the grump and I have to share this picture with you....a true fashion statement....I looked down to find his feet looking like this!!! I have a picture of his face but I would not dare share it ....he is NOT looking happy!! lolololol

TOO FUNNY!!!!! This is what goes on his feet when he goes out for a smoke in the cold !! HAHAH He is going to love this! lol

This is what Simon did the whole time we were putting up decorations......he sees the stuff out....all the totes and says to me, "what is all this crap for?" oh man...he needs a better vocabulary!

Today Simon learned a few new words....this is what a lot of my days consists of!!! These blend charts....which he knows but will goof off badly while doing them!

He really does love the blend charts. You just never know what he is going to say next. We were studying about Noah and the ark, and he knows the story well. Okay, ummm....when asked who built the ark, Simon replies.... "Evan Almighty"....oh GREAT!!! I thought Roger was going to wet his pants laughing at this which only adds fuel to the fire!!
Well more school to finish, Emily is working on Health right now, Austin just finished a spelling test and got 95%. Simon is not quite finished and its almost time for supper so I better get the show on the road!
Happy Monday everyone!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Another day of getting up early! I am so proud of myself. I struggle with getting up early but I think I am slowly becoming a morning person ....rolling eyes...right! lol I am looking forward to the weekend...and spending some much needed time with my husband.

I did a couple things for Mum today, visited with her and my sister Wendy and my Dad, had a few laughs. Chantel dropped in to my mothers, she is married to my cousin, and I have not seen her for a very long time. She is such a sweety!
Simon is giving me a hard time with school work. I think I have to have a little more "scheduled". This I am working on! Emily and Austin worked hard on keeping their rooms clean and getting their schoolwork finished up. New rule at my house is no school work and a dirty bedroom = no Youth Group. They love it and its a win win situation :) They are a great help around the house....and have lots of chores that I have them do. I think its good for them! Great responsibility. Too funny Austin says to me "Mom we have to pick up and put away as we ummm don't you think you should do that with your scrap desk?" OMG -- YES I totally should. I worked on cleaning it up some tonight. Daddy and Simon have been hanging out tonight. They really don't get the "man" time alone much. Emily and Austin are off to Youth Group tonight for a sleepover, Yankee Swap, breakfast in the morning...and I am sure loads of fun. I kept telling them if they got homesick to call Mama and she would come get them....they roll their eyes and laugh out loud....Mom, we are not going to get homesick!!! LOL

Here is a picture of a jar that I finished up for that craft sale :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday... finishing up

Well I got up early this morning and started on finishing up some things for that craft sale! LOL
I made some Christmas bulbs for the tree that I will post. They were super easy and fun to do. Simon decorated some as well. He was a HUGE help!! I painted a few things, and I have one mat left to paint! Thank Goodness!!! Mom came down and I gave her a couple boxes that I did today and she said OH I have some more up there..... I said "no more!" LOL She needs to get her house ready now! She completely decorates every room for Christmas and will want it all finished before Saturday as the girls that come to the sale will be looking through!
A big shout out to my friend, Cindy. Thank you girl for listening this morning and chatting, you helped me immensely. I hope you know that!! Hugs!!
On the agenda for the rest of the day, well I have laundry on the go, I need to finish up school with Simon, and my scrap desk is A MESS!!!!!!!!!! I hope to accomplish that, we shall see!
Tonight we will all watch Survivor as well.... the kids love it as we watch as a family. Well, Simon trys to be quiet and watch, he has a hard time to make it through. Okay off to start supper and get Simon going on school! Late I know. I guess we had a bit of a "teacher" day today.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wednesday....a good day

Wednesday....or as some call it hump day...getting over that hump in the middle of the week. Yesterday was somewhat of a productive day, I painted things for my mother, scrapbooked a page, and started a Christmas present for my father, plus all the other "normal" stuff like school, laundry and such.

This morning I woke up with a sinus pressure headache...not a great way to start the day. I got Roger off to work (YES off to work -- he has been underfoot for about a month lol) Last night when we went to bed I added another blanket to our bed...the weather is getting so much colder. WELL....that bed was calling my name this morning......and I didn't disappoint it!! I crawled back in for another hour of napping. It felt good too!!! After the much enjoyed nap we were off and running for the day. We had errands to do and Simon didn't buck me on getting dressed (he LIVES in his PJS). First stop was mailing the RAKS for my friends at Paws.... the girl at the post office said I looked like Santa LOL --- We had to pick up a couple gifts for a Yankee Swap at youth group on Friday night. Check that off my list of to dos! We thought we would stop in and check out Value Village...okay after 10 minutes in there I couldn't breathe...I was being a trouper though..looking around with the kids. Then Emily says "Mom I can't breathe" I looked at her to see that her neck is all broke out, her eyes are red and running, she looks bad! So we took about 20 minutes in the outside air to bring her and I around. I think we will pass shopping there. She did find a great skirt though! lol

I got the best surprise today too.... the kids Gramma called from Alberta and we chatted for an hour!!!!!! Lots of catching up to do! She is the sweetest, kindest person. I always feel close to her and love chatting with her. We miss her!

We rented a couple movies for the kids to watch and I am hoping to get some things accomplished tonight.

These are pictures of Simon's baby is FIVE I wanted to share these pictures because he is holding up the birthday present that his sister made him...and as you can see he loves! She cut this out from an image in her head and it is hand sewn...she never ceases to amaze me! This is a the character Toopy, from the show Toopy and Binoo.

Happy Wednesday!! Hugs!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday....A brand new week

Monday.... a fresh start to a brand new week. I have to admit that I kind of like Mondays. I do feel like it is a the beginning of something fresh . I enjoy the time on the weekend with the kids, just hanging out and having fun, no commitments, no routines.
This weekend we all went rock climbing. My baby girl turned 14 years old this month. I can hardly believe that I have a 14 year old!! Where has the time gone?? Everyone had so much fun climbing. The instructors that we had were awesome. We were very proud of Simon who is afraid of heights, he was clean to the top, NO FEAR!!! Roger really had fun as well, just a big kid you know! Austin was determined that he could climb anywhere that his dad could and well he took a little tumble down and landed on his tailbone. He is still a little sore. OH -- and I have to show you a picture of the sneakers that I was wearing!!!!! TOO FUNNY --- we are standing at the counter and Emily says "MOM look at your sneakers!!" she is laughing.... I look down to see that I have two different sneakers on! OH man, well I tried both pairs on at home before we left to see which were more comfortable. I was hurrying and trying to get everyone else ready and then well just out the door not even thinking! It was kind of funny but I guess part of being a mother it didn't put me out, and it was a great laugh!!

OKAY!!! i know they are not even close!!! LOL

Emily and her best friend Brianna, we call her "B"

How cute is this???? Daddy HELP me!!

Austin is determined. He is literally hanging. The wall goes up and then comes out at an angle. It was awesome!

Oz hugging his Mama!

YEP 14 years old and not afraid to try anything. YOU GO GIRL!!!

Emily and Daddy taking a rest.
Rock climbing was an awesome time and something really fun to do with the family. We will definitely be going back again. The pictures are dark, the lighting in there was horrible! Oh well. Still got some shots :)
Hope to get to some scrapbooking tonight. I have been working on things for my mother's craft sale this weekend and it is cutting into the scrapping time!
Happy Monday!!