Monday, December 24, 2007

Middle of the Night....

Okay it seems that I am truly doing most everything in the middle of the night now!!! December 24 --- how fast did that come??? Well its still early as its only 2:14 am. Roger and I just got back from WalMart, they opened at midnight so off we went! We sent the kids to my parents this evening and I made him help me wrap the presents! Well we realized that someone was a little bit shorted so we thought we better even up the score!

I am still working on my father's Christmas present. It definitely is looking better but still no where near finished. We went to my friend Brenda's today for a Christmas gathering. Thank you for asking us to be a part of your family Brenda! Santa was there and was giving out gifts to the kids. Simon was just in total awe that he showed up there! For the past three days the kids have been opening a present. We thought that it would be neat to change up and maybe make a new tradition. Well this one is working well for us! They are loving it and they get to open one present and enjoy and appreciate it all in itself!

Roger's parents visited this afternoon and brought their presents in and the kids opened what they got from them so they could watch and be part of it. It was nice to see them as we don't get to visit with them very often.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Night Hawk

I am a total night hawk!!! It is 1:21am Tuesday morning! I know I should be in bed, I just love this time of the day though! The mornings are not so much fun :( I hope to have a more productive day today than I did yesterday LOL --- Dentist for me :( here's hoping all goes well! Roger is not working today. He plowed all night last night and again all evening tonight. He just got home not too long ago, so we hope to get a few things finished up! I have been working on my sister Karen's present for Christmas, I hope to get that all finished today!!

Here are a couple of layouts that I did using the Elsie Noel paper line!! and the snow one has lots of Heidi Swapp stuff and Making Memories. Only one week left till the big guy comes down the kids are so super excited!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Fresh week....fresh snow

Well SNOW again!!!! Hard to believe how much snow is down compared to just about being able to mow the lawn last year at Christmas. I do love a white Christmas though!!! In fact, I remember last year in December we were out on our motorbikes!!! Roger is fast asleep, he plowed all night!! The weekend flew by per usual!!! Roger and I did get to make it down to Saint John and drop off some goodies to some of our friends and I got to shop at Old Navy ...ALL GOOD!!

The kids have been bugging me to take them shopping but I just can't drive that car in the snow with summer tires!!!!!!! I have had to take it out a couple times when the roads were clear but I am not chancing it! Roger bought a Jimmy a few weeks ago. I test drove it to the store and back, but it never seems to be home! LOL --- we call it the "sweet pile"!!!

Last night I stayed up and finished all my Christmas Cards, some will receive homemade and others some beautiful ones that I couldn't pass up, all glittery and stuff. 90 plus cards later I am saying I am finished!!!! Fell into bed last night at 2 am....Roger was still working, talked to him on the phone for a little bit, said goodnight, feel asleep. Woke up to something loud, not sure what, the power was out. I got up to go check the kids, and find that the front door at the top of stairs is WIDE open, scared me!! I check them they are all fine and sleeping, call Roger, tell him, he says his cell is going dead!!!!! OF COURSE it is!!!!!!! ugghhh...I had to use the phone in the kitchen as the power was off. I checked around the house couldn't find anyone, went back to bed, power comes on.... I am still laying awake.... light at the bottom of the stairs comes comes on with movement like when someone walks by it --- ugghhh terrible feeling!!! I get up look around, nothing....back to bed....power goes out, comes back on.... still awake... 5 am now...light at the bottom of the stairs comes back on.... goes out....still laying awake... notice that there is now a light that has just come on upstairs....get up go check, all the kid are still asleep, the light in the living room is one that you touch to turn on...I touch it, it goes out. I grab my cell head back downstairs, text Roger, COME HOME!!!!!!!!!! layed in bed with cell phone in case the power goes out again.... and waiting for Roger to come home at 6:30. It was a very strange night!!!

These are the layouts that I did for the Design Team for this month. Paws On Scrapbooking is looking for guest designers...check them out!!

I am off to see if I can get some things accomplished today....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

almost Thursday

Well now its pretty much Thursday!! LOL --- We had supper tonight from Swiss Chalet. The kids love it and so do I....easy clean up!!! Simon has been trying to get me to wrap Christmas presents all week. They are getting so super excited about Christmas!

Roger plowed all night last night and brought me home breakfast this morning from the bagel shop...I KNOW!! I couldn't believe it either LOL It was nice to sit and have breakfast with him. I really appreciated that he thought of me. I have to get my butt in gear and get some more Christmas presents made that I have started. I have my Christmas cards almost finished and hopefully will have them ALL in the mail by Friday!

Here is a little mini album that I did today. This is teeny 2 inches by 2 inches.

Friday, December 7, 2007


It actually just turned into Friday 5 mintues ago LOL

We got snow this week!!! and lots of it!! The kids had fun and Simon wanted to go out in it right away because he didn't think it was going to last! I finished up the Design Team stuff for Paws this morning! Well I only have a couple little things left but this is big for me....usually working it under pressure! I also got a box of goodies from Paws in the mail today that totally made my week!!! and goodies from my friend Cindy....thanks Cindy!!

Today the kids and I went to the mall and Simon had his picture taken with Santa... 1st year Emily and Austin have not had theirs taken :( We shopped a little bit, then Roger met us on his way home from work. Simon used his birthday money and bought a game for the playstation so he was skipping all the way home. Roger had to go back to work so Em and I went with him and stayed at the mall, the boys stayed home by themselves for the first time EEK!! Em and I enjoyed some "alone" time!! I miss that!! Thanks Em for spending time with just me tonight. And Gramma if you are reading....Emily wishes that you were closer as tonight she found a coat that she loves but its expensive...and when we were at Fabricville she found the material that it could be made out of ....and said I wish GRAMMA lived closer!! aww so sweet!! She wants to learn to make things for herself!! and is totally into! GO EMILY!! I want her to run with this one!

I think Austin and I might have our "alone" time tomorrow. I am really looking forward to spending some time with my hubby this weekend too!!

Monday, December 3, 2007


DECEMBER!!! can you believe it??? I love Christmas! The kids are getting so excited. I wrapped a few presents to peek their interest, and they are begging for more to be wrapped!Saturday we went shopping with our friend Andy, seemed strange to be shopping with the guys, usually guys don't want to but they were game! We picked up a few things, I finally got my copy of the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine, check this out!!

COOL??? We went out for supper at Ringos, it was really nice! On Sunday we visited an elderly couple that we have not seen in a very long time. We brought home Swiss Chalet chicken for the kids, we ate supper and decorated the Christmas tree. So glad that our tree is 9 1/2 feet tall because it is full of ornaments!!

I wanted to share a picture with you....this is a picture of an angel that used to be my Grandmothers....she is very old and well she is broken now.
I think I will keep the picture as a beautiful reminder.

It is snowing outside and it is so beautiful and clean!!!!!