Monday, March 22, 2010

Just another Monday...

I have to admit I somewhat secretly almost kind of love Mondays... it is just a fresh start to a brand new week. The weather has been a bit wonky here lately, we were biking last week and its snowing today! LOL

Emily got moved to the front row of her dance class tonight! Her instructor says she really is talented and has a lot of potential! I was sooo happy to see her so pleased and excited tonight... her face was lit up when we picked her up! I can't wait to share with you the dress that we bought her for the model part of the recital! She was skipping all the way to the truck!

My 40th birthday is coming up soon and I have decided that there will be ME time! It's time! Roger has even been helping me to get things organzied so that I do have more time for me! WOOT!!

We have started a super cool new contest at LCOM ( ... it is called SCRAP-IVOR!!!!!!!!! Drop into the forum and join us for some fun!

Here are a couple pics from our ride on Saturday

Hugs, T