Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey ...

Just a short post... I am in a world of hurt right now... my shoulder... my hip... and a stomach muscle.. okay so the stomach muscle might be the worst one right now.

I am off to rest and get some sleep.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Clean up day...

The city of Fredericton was busy cleaning up today from the enormous amount of snow. Finally tally was 48 cms I believe. We plowed most of the day today again. First thing this morning I took a spill on the ice... I was going down hard and put my elbows out to catch myself (to save my head).... well as soon as I hit the ice, I hit hard enough it threw me right over on my stomach. OUCH! I had an instant bruise on my elbow with the indentations of my turtleneck pattern lol ... hit my hip and jarred my shoulder. Here is hoping that is heals quickly!

This is the first time that I can remember where the city was shut down for the day... the malls, city transit, banks... all closed for the day. It was strange! The plows that were out were insane! So many busy at work! The cab companies were busy this morning as many people had to take cabs to work because they still couldn't get out of their driveways with their vehicles.

Tomorrow... roof shovelling... : )


Monday, February 23, 2009


47 cms of snow fell today in Freddy.... we left here at 2 am... we ended up driving my Dad to work (he sands) as the roads were not plowed and he would not have been able to make it. We picked him up at 3:30... we could not travel more than 20kms an hour. The visibility was ZERO.. it was crazy. We had the windows down to see if we were still on the road or not. CRAZY??

While we were plowing the subdivision (R keeps the heat cranked to keep the windshield clean) I was putting the window down to be able to breathe and to keep it clear.... he (in a very cranky way) says put up that *&(*& window... well that wasn't necessary.... so I put it up...but then I couldn't breathe again so I put it down slightly.. .he again says the same thing... so I put it up, told him he was a crank ass and didn't talk to him anymore : ) SOOOOO... later on he goes to put his window down but all his controls won't work... he says does your work.. I try and mine goes down nicely, he is trying and trying... his won't go down... I cracked a slight smile... and said you know what... Karma just bit you in the butt!!! HAHAHAH ... his window didn't work ALL day and mine did : ) (giggling) At around 1:30 this afternoon as I was shovelling to get a car out of a bank...I got a little light headed and realized that I needed food and was extremely tired! I flagged R ... told him he had to shovel and I took a rest from that for a little bit.

Tomorrow, we have to clean up a few more, shovel a roof and hmm... I think we should do our own deck! Our driveway is getting a little full too!

Okay, off to maybe soak in the tub!


Sunday, February 22, 2009


Slept in this morning and it felt good... last night I started a layout and I seriously couldn't think of anything. R and I layed down to watch a movie in bed... I only remember the very beginning... I was out like a light almost immediately. I wasn't feeling great, felt sick to my stomach... I hate that feeling! R has had a headache for about 6 days straight now : (

Well 25 cms of snow in the forecast before tomorrow morning and then another 15-20 on top of that! Yikes! We will leave here around 2-3 am. My father plows as well and he will need to get out of his driveway.

Emily went snowboarding with her friends today at Crabbe, how cool is that! I love that she goes and does that. We puttered around the house, I had about 1/2 nap on the couch because I wasnt feeling good again, maybe there is something to Tina's naps ???!!??? lol R and I had a couple errands to do, the boys stayed home.... and R and I ended up stopping at my parents and having supper with them. It was quite nice!

Okay.. I am off to hopefully scrap a page!

Here is a pic of my gorgeous son! I LOVE this pic of him. It was taken right after he threw away his glasses and got his contacts! freedom !

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good Times..

Today R and I met Amy and her sister Kathryn for lunch at the HillTop, then a little shopping, it was SOO nice! Thanks Amy for all the giggles. You baby belly is just the cutest! I had so much fun. Can't wait to do it again : )

R's brother is doing better. They have decided they will keep him for a couple weeks to run some tests and try to find out what is going on and if there has been any damage to his heart.
Thank you for your prayers.

MORE snow!! They are calling for more snow tomorrow night, Monday and Thursday. We are supposed to get quite the storm..... the driveways that we plow cannot handle much more! It's getting to be insane! I think all the plow guys are sick of it now too.

I am cold tonight, don't you hate it when your cold and just can't get warm!! ack... but Cin got me onto something very cool, she told me to get one last year...well I did this year! lol.... an electric blanket for my bed! I turn it on before bed to let it warm up, its nice to get into a warm bed!

Okay.. I am off to scrapbook some tonight. I am feeling the effects of not sleeping the night before and looks like we might be not sleeping much tomorrow night either.

Enough snow don't you think?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Prayers Please

Please say a prayer for Roger's brother Duane. He is in the hospital and is not doing well. Tonight they moved him to the critical care unit. His Dad called tonight and is very worried.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

TWO days

Two days in a row...can i get a WOOT!!

Snow, snow and more snow! We plowed just the ends of people's driveways today so they could get in and will be leaving here in ooooohhh around 2 hours or so to go back and clean them out so they can get to work in the morning.

R and I rented a few movies today. The kids did zero schoolwork today! Hey, its a snowday! Austin has become Xbox junkie! LOL

Emily is back together with her first bo...yay!

Here is fav pic of the day!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


They are calling for more snow! The snow banks are HIGH! You would think we would be looking forward to it seeing that we make money from it BUT we are looking forward to the open road on the bikes!

We had a great Valentine's Day (and Anniversary). We took in the bike show in Moncton....although I had my head in a bag on the way down! lol lovely flu season. We have been doing school as usual. There doesn't seem to be any spare time!

I am a sucker for new jammies!! Don't you love your wee one in new jammies!

We lost our first tooth!!! He was of course excited to say the least. He put his tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy... and we put a glass of water out beside his bed to see what colour the tooth fairy's dress would be!! It was must have been blue because when we got up in the morning the water was blue!! how cool is that !?!

Hard to see but its there!!
One of the challenges on Paws On Scrapbooking by Tina McDonald is to blog everyday for 30 days straight... then it becomes a habit... do you think I can do it for more than two days in a row!! lol

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lazy Sunday..

Well today we never even got out of our PJ's!! We totally had a lazy day and enjoyed. I have been puttering around the house, getting some odds and ends done. I should probably start laundry, I neglected that today! Mum and Dad and my sister Wendy came for supper and brought KFC with them, greasy, greasy! No cooking though : )

After supper we browsed through some old photos that I had on the computer of when my parents were little. They all enjoyed it. Roger found this week that he has been talking to a guy on the computer on one of his bike sites that I grew up with! We didn't know all this time. Well I read an email from him and his memories of when we were little and Mom and Wendy were both crying. It was priceless!

We also found some old clips we took on the video camera of when the kids were little and have been enjoying them tonight.
Roger is playing Xbox, that pretty much consumes his life right now hahaha!
I scrapped a little bit last night. Here is a layout.

Here is my one of my fav pics right now, taken and edited by Emily : )