Saturday, January 24, 2009


Do you need a little motivation to get scrapping? Do you like to work with sketches and challenges? Maybe you are new to sketches and want to give them a try? Perhaps you just want to do a little scrapping and have the chance to win prizes!? Well, you should check out the the 10 week sketch fest at Paws On Scrapbooking!
Drop on by and join in on the fun!!


Happy New Year!! Better late than never right ???

We had an awesome Christmas in our new home. The kids were tearing at the presents and pleased with everything they received!

We have been plowing snow this winter....yes we... can you believe that I have plowed snow!!!!!!!!! Roger had to work so he sent me : ) I LOVED it! Every single second of it I loved!

Here is our new truck and plow

I really missed having my truck!! SO happy to have it back : )