Sunday, February 10, 2008


WOW!!! I cannot believe that February is already here... the time is flying by!!!!! Well I have been a wee bit busy the past couple of weeks. We are now in our new home, well just about anyways! We have been sleeping here for almost a week now! We moved last Sunday. It is definitely an adjustment. We have way less than half of the space that we used to. We have sold lots of things, gave lots of away, and thrown out lots of junk! I have to admit the purging feels really, really GOOD!!!! We have so much left to do but atleast this is a good start. Simon kept wanting to go home for the first three days, " I want to go home Mommy" :( it made me feel sad for him but turns out all he was missing was his "channels".... "can we get our channels now??" we heard this repeatedly. So after three days without phone, internet, or TV he was truly appreciating them when we did get them! Now its home! lol Emily and Austin are missing things as well but are now settling in and loving the new area that we are in, and their friends are close which is something they never had the pleasure of before! Monday Roger will start building his small garage here to put his stuff in and our bikes. Me, I continue to unpack, sort, organize and go thru everything that we own. I have my clothes just about finished!! WOOT!!! now my scrappy space that is a different story! I hope that I unpack the Design Team Kit for February soon as I have to get that started and finished before the 15th!!

Okay off to bed soon! Night!! Here is a pic of Emily and me packing up our house!